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Solar Only Explained

A solar only solution includes a solar panel array with an inverter. This is ideal for a property where most of the electricity usage is consumed during the day. Solar panels only provide electricity during hours they are exposed to the sun (optimal times are 9 to 3pm daily) and this energy can only be used at the time that it is generated.

As using the power generated by the panels means you are not using electricity from the electrical grid during those times, this is a great way to reduce your electricity bill and become energy efficient.

Solar only solutions are usually grid-tied to ensure that there is still power when the panels are not producing electricity

A grid-tied system is merely a solar system connected to the electrical grid (Eskom) and as a result, it uses electricity from both the solar panel system as well as the electrical grid.


A standard grid-tied solar solution does not work when there is no sunlight, when the grid is down or during periods of load shedding. A standard solar inverter is designed to automatically switch off during a power outage. This is due to International Safety Standards – It serves as protection for maintenance personnel who might not be aware that there is live electricity when the grid is supposed to be off.


In short, a Solar Only Solution is a great way to save on your electricity bill, provided that the energy generated is used during daylight hours. As this system is unable to store the generated energy, it is not an option when managing load shedding or power outages, Unless the power derived from the panels can be stored in an energy storage system (battery back-up).

The vital element to becoming substantially grid-independent for residential home owners is battery storage. Most of the electricity consumption is during the early morning and evening and not while the panels are producing most of the electricity. Similarly for small businesses – although most of the electricity consumption is during the day (while the panels may produce most of the electricity), without battery storage a solar only system will not provide any relief in the event of load shedding or an unexpected power outage. A Solar Only Solution will not be of any benefit during times of load shedding or in the event of an unexpected power outage.

If power security is the pressing issue, you should perhaps invest in a battery back-up solution (adding solar panels later on) or opt for a Hybrid Solution which will enable you to save on your electricity bill and allow you to operate normally during load shedding or during unexpected power cuts.

Our Solar Systems include Tier 1 Solar Panels

We partner with only the best to give you the ultimate solution to meet your needs. And when it comes to advanced modelling, use only the latest technology. Bloomberg New Energy Finance has developed a tiering system for PV module makers based on bankability, to create a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of manufacturers of solar modules on the market.

The SMILE5-INV 5kW Hybrid Inverter is part of the design to enable the conversion of DC to AC for use in your household or residential building.


Self Sufficient

The system is connected to a photovoltaic power generation system to ensure that the 24-hour home energy supply is self-sufficient


Modulated Battery

Inverter and battery are separate modular and the system is the whole integration of all components. The system adapts a 5kW inverter and one single battery energy is 5.7kwh. The whole system supports 1-6 battery expansion


Intelligent Control

Identifies on grid output and adjusts the output power accordingly. Identifies on/off grid mode
and automatically switch the modes. Alpha Cloud is built for real-time network monitoring and management.


Long Service

Alpha ESS provides users with 5-year warranty for the whole system and 10 years warranty for battery performance. supports remote controlling, on/off grid identification
and completes automatic switching


Elegant Design

The appearance of SMILE 5 is a combination of futuristic look and a sense of home. It is sleek and elegant and really enhances on the user experiences.

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